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Every person has a story to tell of their life experiences, of all ups and downs they have gone through. The real-life stories can be more thrilling and surprising than reel tails. With Kiddoflock’s auto-generated life story app, keep the legacy of your family alive.
We are your personal library of life stories and wisdom from your loved ones. Collect AI generated biographies from your family.Our next-generation AI bot app let you create biographies of each member in your family.
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About Kiddoflock TM

Kiddoflock lets you collect your loved ones' biographies into a library of family memories.

Use Kiddoflock to ask your grandparents to record their life story through the Popopmomom app and add it to your library. If you have four grandparents, you can collect biographies from each of them.

We use an AI Bot that interviews your grandparents on Popopmomom and recognizes information from their answers to automatically create their biography, which you can view on Kiddoflock. We make it easy for your grandparents because they can use either their smartphone or just call our AI Bot on the phone to speak with it like they would with a real person to answer their biography interview questions.

Learn from their wisdom and share their love.

Kiddo Happy Family

Why choose us?

Convenient to use: Having a story to tell and putting it together in words are two different things. Not everyone can write or type a biography in an impressive manner. Our "personal biography generator" makes the typing process easy. All you have to do is connect with our life story app. Answer a few questions of AI voice over the phone and it’s done.

Library of Family biographies: kiddoflock is not only a personal biography generator but a complete library for your family memories. Along with writing you life story journal you can also ask your grandparents, parents and other near ones to share their beautiful memories so, it can live on forever.

Secure your treasure of precious memories: Family love is what keeps one rooted and support us emotionally even in most difficult times of our life. Kiddoflock helps you pass on your learnings, love, and values to your kids and coming generation with our family library. We keep your treasure of precious memories safe and guarded.

Kiddo Happy Family

Our Features

Our Features

Sign Up

All you need todo is "sign up" and start getting connected to family members. Not everyone needs to know how to operate the app. They can simply connect on call and answer the question of AI voice on other side of phone.


Request a Biography

Pay the one-time fee to request a biography to be created in Popopmomom, from your loved ones. Our AI bot featured Popopmomom will interview the connected people about their childhood, career, love life, experience etc. and use the data to create an impressive Biography.


View Stories

In Kiddoflock app you can collect and view biographies from all the family members you requested them from. You can access the biographies by log in and can also share them further with a few clicks.


Stay Connected

Kiddoflock shows you your entire library of biographies and helps you build a stronger bond with your family. At kiddoflock we keep your memories safe so, you and your coming generation can reach these valuable memories any time.

Download App
Download App

Download Kiddoflock TM and start connecting with your family.

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Kiddoflock App

Download the Kiddoflock TM App

Grandchildren - request, collect and view biographies, in your Kiddoflock library, from all the family members who create their Popopmomom biographies.

Popopmomom App

Ask Your Grandparents to Download the Popopmomom TM App

Their biography is automatically composed by an AI Bot that verbally interviews them and recognizes information from their spoken answers.

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